Danielle Fuechtmann is a textile artist based in Edmonton, Canada. A freelance writer and graphic designer, she started her textile journey as a creative outlet to take a break from staring at computer screens and to experiment with colour, form,¬†and texture. One frame loom became a collection – she now works with various frame looms, her beloved Leclerc looms Perchta (a 15 3/4″ Dorothy loom) and Holda (a 36″ Inca counterbalance loom), and Amy Oxford punch needles.

She’s always been drawn to beautiful, interesting, and well-designed things. While she was studying design, she stumbled across an interview talking about the importance of maintaining a studio practice and creating physical objects as a designer; this resonated deeply and was a big influence during her studies. Danielle is passionate about exploring the role of craft in society, especially the cultural history of textile arts and its intersection with women’s history and culture.