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Curious Fox Fibres

XXL Weaving Loom

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$130.00 CAD

The XXL weaving loom from Fūnem Studio is my favourite for tapestry weaving and I have several in my personal collection! These frame looms are crafted from high quality beech wood and feature an exceptionally designed heddle bar. Whether you're making smaller projects or using the full size of the loom, this is a versatile loom for weavers of all experience levels.

Weaving Loom XXL comes with:
- 2 Weaving Shuttles
- Heddle Bar
- Handmade Stand

Overall dimensions: L64cm x W53cm x H6cm // L25 inch x W21 inch x 2.4 inch

Warping area: L58 x W48 cm // L23 inch x 19 inch

Sett: - 7 threads per inch - 4 mm between the threads


** please note that the image of the loom with a project in progress is missing the crossbars - I chose to remove them in my personal loom.