All Curious Fox Fibres products are created with thoughtfully sourced natural materials. 

I look for suppliers that provide beautiful wools, cottons, linens, and other natural fibres while practicing high standards of environmental and social responsibility. I also seek out shops and suppliers that are owned and operated by BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and women. I strive to support fellow small businesses doing good.

Everything is handmade by me in my home studio - dyes are rinsed in my kitchen sink, yarns are spun while sitting in my favourite armchair, and woven goods are created on the collection of looms in my studio space. 

About the artist


I am a queer textile artist based in Edmonton, Canada. I started my textile journey while studying graphic design as a creative outlet to take a break from staring at computer screens and to experiment with colour, form, and texture.

I've always been drawn to beautiful, interesting, and well-designed things. While I was studying design, I stumbled across an interview talking about the importance of maintaining a studio practice and creating physical objects as a designer; this resonated very deeply and was a big influence during my studies. 

One frame loom became a collection of textile tools – I now work with frame looms, two floor looms, a spinning wheel, a drum carder, and punch needles. I'm passionate about exploring the role of craft in society, especially how traditional craft practices can offer us a path to sustainable textile production.